Treatment works and staff is very friendly, including Aaron. Very comfortable and feel at ease. Ive been on treatment for 32 weeks, not expensive and according to my budget. I see new hair growth. Very pleased and happy with results and products. 

Neermala Rampersadh

Been on laser treatment for 8 months and seen excellent results. Some areas of the scalp grow at a faster rate, however still continuing until desired results achieved.

Hunein Hussein

The laser treatments and products have been effective, providing excellent coverage. Had gone through a messy divorce, now a single mom of 3, was losing hair like crazy. Thank you Grace Follicles for your help. My hair has never looked more healthier.

Amelia Arison

I am finally able to walk in public with confidence. The hair replacement membrane has changed my look and my self-image. It looks natural, it's comfortable and easy to style. Service is great. Very happy overall.

Mandla Sikosana



After undergoing treatment for four months, our client is successfully regrowing her hair and has gained coverage. She is 45 years old and has five children. It is always a good time to prioritise self-care.

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